Siding Matches and Identifications

We have provided siding matches and identifications for contractors, insurance companies and homeowners since the storm of 1998. About the time when siding matches began. The owner has been in the siding business since 1970 where he began as an installer. A little thing in the back of his head said hang on to these old sample cases and so he did. In the storm of 1998 and for a long time thereafter insurance adjusters were constantly in our office looking through our library of samples. We have had just about every insurance company in the business come to us after another national identification company said this matches to this %, whatever that means and the owner was not happy with the decision and what the outcome looked like. What we mean by that, our philosophy, is the brand, the wood grain pattern, the profile, and the original color either matches and is available or it doesn’t. Some insurance companies only use us for matches for this reason. We do not address fade issues as that is a manufacturer’s responsibility. A recent MN Supreme Court decision stated insurance companies must provide policyholders with comparable replacement products including a reasonable color match. We alert homeowners to the fact that insurance companies are putting out letters that say they are under no obligation to provide an exact match unless you pay a small fee for a rider usually $25 and up per year to provide that coverage.

Many suppliers of siding products in the Twin Cities will try to identify a panel and if they don’t know what it is, they will refer the contractor to us. We also have a stock of some brands of siding that are now obsolete, brand, profile ,color, etc, but if you need a panel or two check with us, we may just have it. So call us today at 763-571-3440 or email us at Or text us at 763-229-1761.